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Just a little about us


All tenants who rent flats or houses and have paid a rental deposit are protected under the Government Tenancy Deposit scheme. This means that your landlord is required to register the rental deposit you pay with one of three Government tenancy deposit schemes.


Your landlord must also send you a certificate confirming that the deposit was registered correctly, provide important information that explains what can happen with the deposit and enclose a leaflet from the chosen deposit scheme which explains how that scheme works.


If your landlord has failed to register the deposit and/or provide the required information within 30 days of the deposit being made, you are entitled to receive compensation from your landlord. The compensation is compulsory and can be between one and three times the deposit sum originally paid.


If you have more than one tenancy with the same landlord and they have failed to protect the deposit each time, you may be entitled to multiple compensation sums.


This can happen if you had a fixed term rental but then stayed beyond the 6 months on a month by month payment basis. In this circumstance, you could claim up to 6 times the deposit paid.


You can make a claim for any rental deposit up to 6 years ago as the rule applies to both current and old tenancies. It also does not matter if you were paid your deposit back.


Why choose us…

We firmly believe that every tenant has the right to live in a safe, well maintained property and for any deposit paid to a landlord to be protected in accordance with the law.

We are the only company providing this service, who only work with tenants.


When you instruct Fight any Claim to pursue your claim for the recovery of the tenancy deposit, you can be rest assured that our experienced advisors will get the compensation you are owed!

We work solely on a no win, no fee basis thereby removing the stress and any demands of your time or money from the process.




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Years of Experience

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