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Has your landlord failed to protect your tenancy deposit?

What happens if your deposit is NOT protected?


If your landlord has failed to put your tenancy deposit in a protection scheme within 30 days you are in a position to take your landlord to court and claim compensation amounting to 1 – 3 times the amount of your deposit or a full refund on your tenancy deposit.

You can claim compensation if your Landlord breaks tenancy deposit protection rules:

  • Takes too long to place your tenancy deposit in a protection scheme
  • Does not provide you with information in regard to your tenancy deposit protection scheme
  • Does not place your tenancy deposit in a protection scheme

What happens if your deposit WAS protected?


If your deposit was protected you can take your Landlord to court for a refund on your deposit if you are an assured tenant. To find out more contact one of our expert tenancy dispute advisors on 0330 333 8714.

Are you a Landlord who failed to protect a tenancy deposit?


If you have failed to place the tenancy deposit in a secure scheme. Our expert advisors can advise you of the legal options available to you. call us on 0330 333 8714 to speak to an expert advisors.

Why choose us? 


The rights and obligations of landlords and tenants are numerous and require careful understanding to ensure that you receive the best possible advice. Our claims advisors take the time to understand your requirements and how any agreement can best reflect this.

We understand the difficulties that can be caused when the relationship between landlord and tenant breaks down. Whilst we place great emphasis on ensuring settlement is amicable, this is not always possible and so our experienced claims advisors are focused on ensuring that resolving your dispute causes you as little trouble as possible.


Our Fees

We will work with you on a No Win No Fee Basis. That means if we do not recover anything for you we will not charge you. If we do recover money from you we will keep 20% (26%) including VAT of it as our fee. We will review your case for free, if we believe you have a valid claim we will act on your behalf. You will not have to make any payment to us until we are successful, our fee will be deducted after successfully recovering compensation for you.


What are the benefits…

At Fight any Claim, we have an in-depth knowledge of the legislation governing tenancy deposit claims. We have a detailed understanding of the case law which has lead us to the position as the law stands today. As such, we are very well placed to deal with your case in a manner which will achieve the very best result for you.


If you are unsure as to whether your deposit was protected, we can use the information contained within your tenancy agreement to conduct checks to determine whether you have a claim.


Why we are the best choice…

Tenancy Deposit compensation 


If your landlord/letting agency has failed in protecting your deposit in a a secure scheme or not given you prescribed information within 30 days then you may be entitled to compensation as well full return of your deposit. If you believe your landlord or letting agency has failed to protect your deposit contact us on 0330 333 8714.

Over the years Landlord’s and letting agencies have regularly breached the tenancy deposit rules by not protecting the tenant’s deposit in a secure scheme or not giving the prescribed information within the allocated time of 30 days. Unfortunately many tenants are not aware of their rights and entitlement to compensation.


Why choose Fight any Claim? 


Fight any Claim have helped many tenant’s such as students living in private housing to young professionals and families in cities and towns across the UK.


 Gathering evidence in support of your claim  


Sometimes circumstances may not allow you to physically gather all the evidence. This is where our expert advisors can help and guide you in gathering evidence in support of your claim. To gather evidence in support of your case you must:


  • Retain a copy your of tenancy agreement
  • Receipt/Bank statement of deposit amount paid
  • Email correspondence with your Landlord/letting agency
  • Witness statements from Co-tenants

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